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misical mug cup

misical mug cup

Re :M U S I C A L M U G This contains micro-electronics with music being activated by natural or artificial light. 1 . Operating instruction * Pick up mug, melody plays. * Put it down, music stop immediately. * Hand wash only, do not dip in heat water over 3 minutes or dishwasher, safe micro electronics disc. * Do not put in micro oven or on coffee heater. * Under normal use, melody can run one year. * Plays carols over 10,000 times. * Stops automatically at end of songs. * Battery included, no battery needed. Pick me up, I will play a tune.... Put me down and I will stop.... MUSICAL NAME OF THE MUGS 1. Three tunes of christmas. 2. The bell of christmas. 3. Holy night. 4. Four tunes of christmas. 5. Sweet family. 6. Let me mark your heart break. 7. Happy birthday. 8. Marriage march. 9. Could you love me softly. 10. Two tunes of christmas. 11. Alice. 12. White christmas. 13. Lullaby. 14. Congratulation. 15. Happy new year. 16. The toy of march. 17. Santa claus coming to city. 18. A small world. 19. Spanish santa song. 20. Two christmas tunes of spain. 21. Mary has a little lamb. 22. Love story. 23. You are my sunshine. 24. A flash sparkling. 25. You are my life.

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  musical mug cup
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