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clean tape
super clean mat(tape)
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super clean mat(tape)

SUPER-CLEAN-MET 1. Characteristic A set of mat comprises of thirty sheets, Whenever it becomes dirty, remove it from the top. It is simple to manage and not necessary to clean up. When a mat is needed to be fixed, remove the mold release of the back side, and fix it simply. It feels fresh Whenever you remove it. Because it is made thin, There is no trouble in Walking. 2. Economical Considerations Satisfying price, cleanness and pleasantness altogether. SUPER-CLEAN-MAT can be purchased in Variable stuffs of 20,30,and 50 Sheets with best price, and make the room delightful by producing dim fragrance. Also, you need not to clean the room many times because dust inside the room is removed . SUPER-CLEAN-MAT with no burden rice! Start your pleasant life with this clean mat. 3.USE * Up-to-date industrial field: Semiconductor manufacturing factory, precise machine manufacturing factory, computer room and hospital. The places manufacturing such as medicine, food and cosmetics, An entrance where cleanness is required. * Viscosity sheet of low density polyethylene film with thickness 60u is made to concentrated-layer. At upper portion of it, polyethylene film of thickness 70u protects the surface and at lower portion two side Viscose sheet of thickness 12u keeps the innovative function of this clean mat as well. as prevents the damage of goods. 4.CLEAN MAT The use of SUPER-CLEAN- MAT is to maintain clean environment by removing dirt and bacteria. In mechatronices and up-to-date industrial field, where there can be a production inferiority or a quality inferiority because of a tiny particle of dirt. A tiny dirt cannot infiltrate into on account of clean mat's special adhesive. It is very useful for you to select this product for a place where cleanness is required. 5. Use for industry UP-TO-DATE new material development laboratory, operation rooms, pharmacy companies, computer system rooms, semiconductor institutes, special wards. 6. Use for daily life. Porches, apartment porches, entrances in hotels, elevators, meeting halls, offices, room for special guests, lecture rooms, hospitals.

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